Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Resolutions I Have Already Broken

You can't spell "LAME" without "ME"

Two months ago, I published a Year In Review post (one month late) that was supposed to have been followed by a Resolutions post. Well, here we go:

1. Post once/week. I have a terrible track record when it comes to posting consistently so I've lowered the bar to see if I can meet it. The teacher in me died after writing that sentence.

2. Tell you about my experience in physical therapy to improve the problem I wrote about in Today's Spongetastrophe

3. Broaden focus of blog by occasionally addressing conventional wisdom or experts' advice about relationships and sex.

Those are my three lofty goals for this year. I hope all five of you readers enjoy the posts. Thanks for reading, and have a sexy week!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Year in Review 2012

Except that it's 65 and balmy here today. Wtf.

Last year was a pretty exciting one for this little blog. For one thing, it finally sprang forth from my brain where it had been marinating for ages. I managed to publish 13 posts in 7 months, which is far, far below the goal I set of posting twice a week. I suppose I'll have to write a Resolutions post to keep me honest this year.

My most read post was "Sexy Reads That Aren't 50 Shades of Gray".

My personal favorite was "Today's Spongetastrophe."

I learned some new words from funny bloggers. My favorites are "Motherbitch" and "Vasshole." Follow the links to see them used in context by their creators.

I read some good advice, and lots of bad advice, on keeping a relationship strong. Here's a post I wrote about some of that bad advice. I'll be addressing more posts and articles on relationships this year.

Finding meaningful, but not cheesy, gifts for men is difficult for me. I discussed it here.

I hope your 2013 is shaping up to be happy, healthy, prosperous and SEXY! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are BJs a Cure-All?

Things have been heating up around my house lately, and for once I'm not talking about in the bedroom. No, I'm in hot water with my husband for crossing the overshare line with my candid posts about our sex life and refusing to end each one by telling you how well-endowed he is. That must mean it's time for me to address the relationship side of this blog about sex and relationships after kids.

A couple days ago an obnoxious and juvenile post from a mommy blogger I follow arrived in my inbox. I won't insult your intelligence by linking to it, but the gist was that women bitch about their husbands too much. We need to stop being nagging harpies and give our men more blow jobs. Did you know that blow jobs are a magical panacea? What a novel idea. I think every 17 year old boy on the face of the planet has that in his arsenal. After I threw up a little in my mouth, I wondered how many blow jobs it would take to restore my thyroid to working order. How many to cure the post-partum depression a couple of my friends suffered from?

Can blow jobs keep my house clean? Hm...

I think you get my point. Sex and oral are amazing gifts two people can share; they certainly can elevate one's mood and smooth over little irritations. I can get behind the idea of not sweating the small stuff, but when's the last time an argument about the dishes was actually about the dishes?

When there are other tensions in a relationship just closing your eyes and thinking of England isn't going to fix anything. Suggesting that keeping your husband happy by putting out is going to solve anything for you sounds like this: "My shoes are too tight so I'm going to buy my husband a bigger pair." "Oh, you have cancer? Well I'll just get radiation and you'll be cured in no time." See? Crazy.

Everyone who is committed to making a relationship last knows that marriage takes hard work. During a difficult time in my marriage I discovered that I didn't really know what that meant. What exactly does that "work" look like? I didn't feel like I was doing anything differently, but my husband and I weren't connecting and resentment and anger were building up.

We went to counseling and were assigned a concrete task to complete. Each of you writes out a schedule of the weekend in one-hour increments, filling in all the things you have to do, as well as the things you want to do. We each did one in Google Docs and then shared with one another. Then you make any necessary adjustments in order to balance the things you have to do with the things you want to do individually, just the two of you, and with the kids. This seemed silly and too simple to change anything, but it really did help by getting us to work toward a common goal that didn't involve our kids. Over the course of doing that exercise every week, we learned that our communication skills were a little rusty and that most of the discord in our marriage came from feeling off-kilter from a lack of balance. In my limited experience, both are common difficulties for couples. We still do a weekend schedule when it starts to feel chaotic and like we aren't getting enough quality time together--a lack of balance between what we want to do and what we have to do.

Oh yes we did schedule sex.
It was probably more like 6:00-6:11 am
Problems in a relationship are best solved out of the bedroom, in my opinion, and the sooner the better so you can get back to the awesome bedroom stuff with an open and trusting heart. The weekend schedule is just one example of a way to work out difficulties without it feeling like you're doing a bunch of unpleasant work.

So, how do you and your partner keep your relationship healthy? Lay it on me!

Have a sexy weekend!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheeky Pants

I saw these on Pinterest yesterday. Rrrrowwwwwr.

Source here

Have a sexy weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Orgasms Galore!

Lately I've been using KY Intense Arousal Gel and you might want to go out and buy some right now. That stuff has been a life-changer in my bedroom. Here are the things you need to know about it:

       1) It is not a lube.
       2) It is not a lube.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but the number of negative reviews out there written by people who clearly used it as a lube is astonishing. It's not a lube and it says so on the packaging, and in all the reviews written by people who aren't dumb. So, with that in mind, don't put it where you would put a lube. Follow the directions and apply 1-2 squirts to the clitoral area.

       3) It works for 75% of the women who try it. It might not work for you, but if it does, you're in for a treat.
       4) It's expensive. The price on the amazon link above is actually half of what I paid from a different place (it was the cheapest I could find at the time) with a $5.00 instant rebate.

So, what's so great about it? For me it guarantees that 100% of the times we have sex, I will have an orgasm. It also makes the orgasms I have very intense. I started using this gel in May and there has been one time when my orgasm was not very intense. One time. The other times have all been exactly as they are depicted in the commercials. Thanks to this gel, I also always climax pretty early on, giving me time to devote to becoming multi-orgasmic. No luck yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Have a sexy weekend!

I think it would even help in this situation.
That's just how magical it is.

The four people who read this blog know that I'm recommending this product because I use it and love it, not because I received anything for doing so.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Seven Year Gift Itch

This November we will have been married 7 years and I'm already in a gift rut with my husband. Gifts for men are interesting; they assume men are drunk, cigar-smoking, NFL Sunday Ticket obsessed sofa surfers whose movements are limited to golf, grilling, and the ones that happen in the bathroom.
The cocktail set from the alternate reality where
Marty's mom marries Biff is a
one-of-a-kind offering from Brookstone.

It only took two years to redenvelope him to death. A guy only needs so many cuff links, especially when his job calls for a more casual wardrobe, he's not a golfer or a cigar smoker, and I don't really understand what whiskey stones are for. The amount of stemware we already have makes pint glasses etched with our monogram or his favorite sports team's logo too ridiculous to contemplate. He's a great cook and griller, but one of these would just end up on someone's butt.
Grill Brand or DIY Tramp Stamp-er?

A search on Pinterest returned three measly pins. I never imagined it would be possible for Pinterest to fail me, but I guess Pinterest is 99% wedding ideas pinned by 17 year old girls. Maybe in 20 years there will be some anniversary pins. On the bright side, there's a spat in the comments on this pin.

One of the best gifts I ever gave him was a memory book I made. I wrote a really cheesy but heartfelt letter commemorating our first date and the things we liked to do together. I divided the letter into 21 parts and wrote each part on one page of the book, which was decorated with a corresponding picture or scrapbooking sticker. I gave him one page every day leading up to our wedding, when I gave him the final page before we went our separate ways to prepare for the day. That was a special gift for that time of our life, but I'm pretty sure he'd rather have a new bike this year. That's too bad, because there's a moratorium on big purchases till we get wood floors.

Got any gift ideas for me?

Oh, brother. I didn't marry an effing hipster, thank you very much.
Vintage distressed typewriter key copper cuff links from here

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sexy Reads That Are Not Fifty Shades of Grey

Hipster Kitty read erotica before it was cool.

Reading something sexy has helped me out of a dry spell more than once. You know that old saw about the brain being the most important sex organ? Well, I guess it's true because there have been many times at the end of a long day that I'm brain-dead and suffering from the over-touching of my wonderful children and the last thing I can possibly consider is having sex. 

Then I read something sexy and, though I haven't slept or spent a week at a luxury spa where no one touches me unless I pay a ridiculous amount of money, voila! My brain has been reset and sex is suddenly more than a possibility. It's happening.

I'm excited about this post because I get to do something I've never done before. I get to say that I did something before it was cool.

Romance literature has been a part of my personal library since I was in middle school. I devoured the Sweet Valley High series because it felt so delicious to read books that were on the Black List for book reports at school. If teachers don't allow it and my mom thinks it's trashy, it must be good, sez PreTeen Me.

Some time in 7th or 8th grade, my family took a trip to Florida to visit my great aunt Margaret. She was one of those beautiful grande dames who took hours to "put on her face" each morning before we could leave the house to actually do anything. Obviously I poked around in all her drawers and closets during the wait. I struck gold one morning when I pulled down a box overflowing with romance novels. I opened up the first, a western, read a few pages and was hooked. From then on, I turned to Romance Lit when I needed a light read; it worked like a palate cleanser from the books I read for school.

When I first heard all the orgasmic rapture over Fifty Shades of Grey, I went on amazon to read the reviews. The critical reviews convinced me to skip it, or wait till the Kindle price dropped below $2.00. Plus, there's something really condescending about the phrase "Mommy Porn," which is how I always heard it described. Then I read this review from Jen at People I Want to Punch in the Throat (Check out her blog. She's hilarious). Twilight FanFic? So not interested. Tampons? Even less. Interior monologue with Inner Goddess? Oh, hell no. But, this silly book is apparently causing many women to reignite the bedroom flames with their husbands or significant others, which is a good thing.

My point in dismissing Fifty Shades of Grey is that Romance/Erotica/Sexy reads have always been out there. Check out the Song of Songs, for pete's sake:

I went down into the garden of nuts
to see the fruits of the valley,
and to see whether the vine flourished,
and the pomegranates budded.

And if you look around a little, you might find prose that is a little less purple than what you find in Fifty Shades. Check out 50 Shades of Suck for excerpts.

I can assure you skeptics out there that Romance Fiction has evolved since the bodice-ripping days of sex scenes that read a little too much like rape scenes (but there is the BDSM sub-genre if you're into that). Now, most Romance Fiction could appropriately fall under a bigger "Women's Fiction" umbrella. I don't think there's any shame in reading about hot people having toe-curling sex or people whose relationship problems can be solved in 300 pages. It's escapism at its finest, and it's largely written by women, for women.

Without further ado, here are places you can look for sexy reads that are generally better than Fifty Shades of Grey:

1. See if your area has a Romance Writers of America chapter. Most chapters maintain websites with suggested reading lists and features on chapter members who are published authors. You can also get similar information from the RWA website above.

2. Ask a librarian. Romance is well represented on the shelves of America's libraries, which means someone is curating that collection. Ask for her at the desk. Also check out your local library's website. It might have a "Staff Suggests" section.

3. Check out Ellora's Cave, a publisher of Romance Fiction, though here's a warning that the website is not well-designed. "Naughty Nooners" are very short stories (you can read them on your lunch break, hence the name) that are also very inexpensive, or free. You can download them to read on your eReader or computer. Ellora's Cave has three imprints, Romantica: Erotic Romance; Exotika: Erotic Fiction; and Blush: Mainstream Romance. Be sure to check the reviews because sometimes you get what you pay for.

4. Literotica. Free erotic fiction.

5. Browse the Erotica section on amazon.com

In general, Romance is broken down into many, many sub-genres and levels of "heat" so it's pretty easy to find a sexy read that you'll be comfortable enjoying.

Feel free to add your own recommendations in the Comments.

Now, go forth and make those "vines flourish"!